Our Story


We are a company that is constantly seeking to bridge the gap between personalized clothing and comfort.  We strive to combine the best quality of fabric with a touch of customization for our customers.  Our team is dedicated in finding the right personal touch for you to enjoy.

Our mission is to become a prominent industry leader in custom apparel by servicing our customers with new fashion trends, fast turnaround, and great quality products. 

Our Story

SocksNTops story started 30 years ago. John Fletcher started SocksNTops 30 years ago by selling only t-shirts and socks out the trunk of his car. He then had an idea of customizing apparel for his customers. He purchased his first embroidery machine in 1982. He began growing as demand for embroidery customization started to boom. His first embroidery machine was actually created in New Haven, CT. Over the years, he opened the first SocksNTops store. He grew the company to 3 total stores, but then downsized to 1 store located in downtown Waterbury, CT.

27 years later, Wesley Walker an aspiring entreprenuer, purchased SocksNTops from John. Wesley started customizing shirts in his basement. He created a company called TeesNBlankets. As he started growing the business, he started expanding from the basement to his living, to the office, to the bedroom. His wife said, "you have to go get a store, you are taking over the house". As he was graduating from Post University, he had one assignment: Go find a competitor business and get as much information you can from the owner without them knowing you are researching their business. He found SocksNTops and started talking to John. After about 2 hours of speaking, he ended up walking out of the store as a contractor for the business.

After working for 6 months with the store, John presented him with the proposal of purchasing the business. He was hesitant at first to proceed with the purchasing the store, although his business was expanding all through the house. Once he graduated school, he had a talk with his family and was encourage to take the leap of becoming a business owner. John and Wesley had eventually came to a deal and Wesley had became a business owner of SocksNTops.

SocksNTops Grand Opening